Hey, today I want to talk about something very important. I want to talk about coaching and what it represents. In todays world where you need to power walk everywhere and you are always in a rush you are looking for something great, something that is not scam, something that will pay off in the future.

Well since we are all rushing to succed in online world many people are paying huge amounts of money to learn internet marketing skills. I have done it and many people before me had also done it. It is easy to just copy what your coach is doing but eventually you will cut off and start to do that yourself. Even coaches like me can sometimes have a bad day and do something wrong so it is not smart to follow them without using your head. Remember not all coaches have your interest at heart – particulary if there are any conflict of interest between what you do and what they do. I believe that you need to choose a coach with particular business and not some generic coach that knows everything. I have always avoid people that knows everything because when you get to know them you can see that in fact all they know to do is sell bullshi*.

What I can recommend is:

  • Get a Internet Marketing coach to learn basic skills of Internet Marketing.
  • Get a Business coach to learn business skills and develop strategy to improve your business
  • Get a mindset coach to help to make shifts in your mindset Join mastermind groups where the people in the group have complementary services to you

What you should do is:

  • If your coach wants to see your books and operates in the same space as you…DUMP HIM
  • If coach doesn´t ask you to do a business plan or marketing plan…DUMP HIM
  • If your mentor doesn´t have any business plan you should, without doubt, DUMP HIM

All the best, Ivan